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CATV Optical Transmission Equipment
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Optical Transmisiion Platform series
Optical transmission platform



1.      It’s a new generation of modular, plugandplay products series to meet the CATV front end machine room equipment with high density installation requirements of the design and development of multifunction communication platform.

2.      With high density, small occupied space, convenient for installation and using, easy to manage, convenient for maintenance and interchangeability.

3.      High quality and high reliability, capacity switching power supply, can not occupy the slot position but achieve the hot backup.

4.      Component insertion system, with the standard slots(12), which can accommodate 10 kinds of transmission equipment.

5.      With RS232 standard interface, can be used for computer network monitoring.

6.      With RJ45 standard interface to the SNMP network management system.

7.      High quality fan radiating, with automatic frequency conversion function, long service life and high work reliability.

8.      The VFD displays the function of display and fault alarm.


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